I have a great mom. She is a super- servant. She is always willing to do things for other people. This is a beautiful trait. But, while growing up I took advantage of my super-servant mom and I became real lazy. I didn’t pin point my problem till a few years ago. I have wondered for  years why I can’t seem to put something where it belongs or why I don’t  have the urge to be orderly. It goes back to my elementary/middle school years where my sister and I would let our room get so messy my mom would clean it for us to perfection because she couldn’t take it anymore. I got used to this and just became very disorganized and nothing was ever in order for me-laziness. My disorderly spirit still rages within me. I have to tell myself everyday to go put something away, fold my clothes, and not leave piles in my closet. I want to so bad….just leave a mess everywhere.

I have been studying through the Beth Moore James study and she just touched on being orderly in my lesson this week. It totally resonated with me! There are a few verses in the Bible that talk about being self- controlled, orderly, and disciplined. Titus 1:8 says “ Rather, he must be hospitable, one who loves what is good, who is self- controlled, upright, holy and disciplined.”

Ouch! Sometimes, I don’t think of myself as living in sin or that I am doing something God may not be pleased with when it comes to folding my clothes right away, doing the dishes, putting toys away, but apparently God values a disciplined heart. I have worked really hard over the last year to take this serious and to discipline myself in my daily tasks and all the way down to keeping my van clean. 1 Corinthians 14:33a says “ For God is not a God of disorder but of peace”.

I have to admit that after living in a crazy messy room as a kid, I really enjoy my clean house now even though I have to talk myself into cleaning it everyday! Even if an organized closet is a very small thing- I know God is asking me to value self-control and discipline even in the small things. Is God asking you to clean your room too?



In the short time that we have been publicly linked to adoption we have had several people email, call, or ask us questions about the details of our adoption process.. Recently it has been more and more frequent and I have realized the desire for information from others. We believe in adoption and honestly want to see as many people get to adopt as possible, so I thought I would make a blog post and share our story. These are the details including the honest financial truth.  I have made a timeline that may help answer some of your questions. From the first initial meeting to explain the process and bringing Mercy home from the hospital was almost four years to the day. Much of this wait was saving the money to actually begin the official process.

-Ocotber 2008- we met with a private adoption attorney who walked us through the             independent adoption process and told us the cost up front. We did this early so that we could get a savings plan in place. We knew we would still have one more biological child which turned out to be Canaan (11/24/09), but wanted to do our homework early.

–       October 2008 thru February 2010 we saved enough to begin the process

–       February 2010- signed papers with Home-study Services of Ohio. They are out of Canton, Ohio and travel all over the state.

–       April 2010- finished all our home study meetings and classes and can now officially accept a baby. Our homes study has a two-year expiration date.

–       August 2011- we did a private Facebook fundraiser for our adoption which eventually would raise $7,000.

–       July 2012- we came to a point where we realized that trying to adopt independent (on our own) through networking was very difficult and we needed to pick a public agency soon.

–       August 2012- met with a family that has adopted twice through Adoption Link and highly recommended them. We were able to see their profile books and hear first hand stories of their experience.

–       August 2012- transferred our home study paperwork to Adoption Link and made profile books. This took three weeks to complete.

–       August 2012- within days of signing with Adoption Link we received multiple calls and emails for babies that needed homes

–       September 2012- we were picked by two different expectant moms and interviewed with both.  Neither was a match for us.

–       October 29, 2012- we received a call from our agency director that a baby girl was born the night (28th) before and her birth mom picked our family on the 29th. We were asked to come to the hospital in Dayton immediately to pick her up. We were in shock because we had never met this birth-mom or new she was a possibility.

–       October 29th– 30th– went to Dayton and picked Mercy up and brought her home from the hospital

–       November 2012-May 2013- we have a social worker come to our house once a month to check in

–       January 2013- we hired a lawyer from Cincinnati to handle our finalization paperwork

–       May 2013- we will be going to the Greene County Courthouse to finalize our adoption

There are a few tips that may help if your are looking to adopt:

1)    Pick an agency that is highly recommended

2)    Call or email people listed by the agency as references

3)    Ask a lot of questions

One of the biggest obstacles in adoption is the money. The first question I asked was “how much is it going to cost?” To be honest, it is expensive, You should  have a plan in place and know how you are going to pay for the adoption when it happens. Sometimes, like in our case it happened without warning and we needed to be ready. We decided that adoption was our number one saving priority so we did a fundraiser and Mark picked up some side projects over the last four years to pay/save for Mercy’s adoption, God is good, and when we got the call to come get Mercy we had the exact amount of money we needed.  Here is a cost breakdown of our expenses:

Home Study Services of Ohio- (which includes the back ground checks)-   $1300

Adoption Link fee schedule-                                                                        $ 16,290

Legal Fees to finalize                                                                                    $1200

Total                                                                                                             $ 18,790


I know this post may not have answered all your questions, but I hope it gave some direction and maybe you want to check out the agencies we went through. If you have more specific questions nothing is off limits and we want to be an open book book to encourage your adoption.  You can Facebook me (, email me at kristinartrip(at) or tweet at me @kristinartrip if you want to know more.


I am the first to admit that I am a pessimist and I have to fight hard to overcome a complaining spirit about a lot of things.  I find myself in a very interesting position in my life right now with many things changing in a few short months, a new baby at home and a lot of little ones depending on me, and sometimes I like to think of myself as one of the Israelites wandering in the desert yelling at Moses. This isn’t a good thing. I am not proud of admitting this, but it’s the truth and it’s where I’m at.  Lets go back to Israel’s days in the desert and I will show you what I am talking about:

Exodus 16:1-3 The whole Israelite community set out from Elim and came to the Desert of Sin, which is between Elim and Sinai, on the fifteenth day of the second month after they had come out of Egypt. In the desert the whole community grumbled against Moses and Aaron. The Israelites said to them, “If only we had died by the Lord’s hand in Egypt! There we sat around pots of meat and ate all the food we wanted, but you have brought us out into this desert to starve this entire assembly to death.”

You see, they had such “me” centered attitudes that they couldn’t even be thankful that they were rescued out of slavery and that God was divinely leading and protecting them in the desert. They finally complained to the point that I believe they began to fantasize about sitting around those pots of meat and stuffing their bellies in the midst of this terrible harsh reality they were actually living.

Sometimes I act like that. I am sitting around fantasizing about my former life and the “pots of meat” I once had. I remember the days before kids when I had more spare time or didn’t have spit up on my shirt by 8 am.  I remember the days when I could go to sleep and not get up once until I wanted to. There are times I miss Powell and living close to the zoo and the indoor playplace or dear friends. I miss being closer to certain stores and malls. I remember the days of being able to as my husband put in his last blog post “ride in someone else’s wake”.

Satan uses those things to attack me at my weakest moments and I have to remind myself that those are not my calling. We moved to Hilliard because we knew that lives need changed here. People need to meet Jesus.

I have on many days asked God why he took away my “pots of meat” and gave me Manna to work with here in Hilliard. I am a nobody here. Our church is brand new and no one knows we’re here yet.

So my confession is that I need to remember that what God has before me is going to be way better that the “pots of meat” I once knew. God didn’t bring me to Hilliard to be isolated, alone, and wandering. He brought me here because he is going to do something new in me and through Movement Church.

Isaiah 43:19- See, I am doing a new thing! Now it springs up; do you not perceive it? I am making a way in the wilderness and streams in the wasteland.